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Who we are

AR/VR community veteran, Max Noir, launched Noir Media in 2021 as a way to build more agency as a female professional in the teach industry, while simultaneously creating XR jobs in Uganda.

Noir Media leverages the industry experience & expertise of an XR veteran leading a small team of high-level XR marketeers in Uganda to provide AR/VR startups & creators an affordable and experienced community-building solution, while simultaneously creating XR jobs in a place where there aren't any.

Our Mission

We value community as the backbone of success for AR/VR companies, as well as technological accessibility. 

When our founder, Max Noir & business partner, Ainomugisha Alex reunited in Uganda after many years of working together in China, they discussed the lack of opportunity, access, and jobs in the XR space in Uganda.


With 77% of Uganda’s population being under the age of 25, it is crucial that the youth population does not get left behind with modern technology. Access to new tech & jobs enables the chance to level the world’s playing field of opportunity. 

For the past year and a half, we have been working with Uganda’s government, and foreign partners to create XR jobs, & educational opportunities for youths in Uganda. One of those initiations is job creation through the high-level creation & curation of social media campaigns within the industry.

Working with us revitalizes your company’s social media success AND Uganda’s XR ecosystem.

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